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Detailed Features Listing

This is a detailed list of the product features in Kourier Integrator and SQL Accelerator as of Release 4
General Product Features
Kourier Integrator provides many ETL and EAI features that make it easy to manage your U2 and other non-U2 data, whether you are creating a SQL data warehouse or integrating to an external application.
  • Easy-to-use Web-based interface
  • Net Change and Full Refresh database updates
  • Provides Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) capabilities
  • Provides Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) capabilities
  • Data Warehouse Quick Start Workbench accelerates SQL data warehouse implementation
  • Integrated development environment for SQL Server projects
  • Data aggregation from multiple U2 accounts with unique "source" identification
  • Fast U2 data extraction uses native database access (not ODBC)
  • Multi-source capability provides the ability to incorporate non-U2 data sources into your SQL data warehouse
  • Option to use file compression and extraction when using ftp data transfers
  • Message-based architecture guarantees data delivery
  • Data export and import statistics tracked to support data reconciliation
  • View performance and data volume statistics for files processed
  • Unified scheduling streamlines U2 to SQL updates with a single scheduled process
  • Independent scheduling agent
  • Extensive event logging and audit files
  • Event-based notification and exception management
  • User-defined e-mail notification templates
  • Dynamic data via powerful Substitution Processor
  • Database Connection manager
  • Integration properties, lookup tables, and system literals
  • Supports International date formats according to localized settings
  • Import / Export integrations and components using Developer Suitcase workbenches
  • Custom code interface
  • XML-based transaction import
  • Extensive online user guide
  • Supports 64-bit SQL Server and Windows environments
  • Web user interface supports 64-bit mode on Windows IIS and Windows Server 2008
Net Change Features
Kore's Net Change Technology provides Change Data Capture (CDC) for UniData / UniVese, allowing near real-time updates from U2 files and other external data sources.
  • Net Change is Kore's proprietary change data capture (CDC) technology for U2 databases
  • Net Change capabilities are also available for external non-U2 data sources
  • Automatically tracks all changes to a U2 file--regardless of update method
  • Implemented at the U2 database level for speed and efficiency
  • Compatible with U2 triggers, indexes, and transactions
  • Does not require changes to the host U2 application
  • Negligible performance impact on host U2 application
  • Provides ability to deal with very large data sets
  • Multiple Net Change modes available:
    • Standard Net Change
    • Net Change with Checksum
    • Net Change with Deletes
  • Supports UniData dynamic Files
  • Supports UniVerse distributed files
  • Automatic setup and activation
  • API for programmatic implementation
  • Ability to manage log files to maintain 2GB maximum file size
  • Administrator analysis and auditing tools
Multi-Source Capabilities
Provides seamless integration and consolidation of information from U2 and/or other data sources into a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Automatically load data from U2 and non-U2 data sources into Microsoft SQL Server
  • Current support for: Oracle, MySQL, MS  Access, MS SQl Server, and text files
  • Supports Net Change processing for external data sources, including deletes.
  • Easily define export definitions, conversions, lookup column names, and test within a single page
RESTful Web Services
Provide real-time access to UniData/UniVerse database from almost anywhere (Web page, program, interactively).
  • New easy-to-use user interface to create, test, and deploy RESTful Web Services
  • Create RESTful Web Services without any programming
  • Test the interface and see results in real-time to ensure it's working correctly
  • Define Dynamic Named Parameters to use when calling RESTful web service
  • Generate a URL that can be used to call the RESTful Web Service
  • Invoke a Kourier Service or Kourier Schedule via a Web Service
Data Warehouse Quick Start Workbench
Easy-to-use interface encapsulates all the tools and tasks necessary for building a SQL Server data warehouse.
  • Accelerates the process of creating a Microsoft SQL data warehouse from a U2 database from start to finish
  • Analyze files, review data profiling information, and revise file schema
    • File analyzer and data profiling tool compares U2 file data to defined data structure
    • Generates Schema information highlighting data / structure inconsistencies or omissions:
      • Data types and lengths
      • MultiValue type (single or multi-value)
      • Multi-value associations
    • Provides ability to view and edit schema information
    • Delete analyzed files after they have been processed
  • Generate all Export Specifications. Services, SQL DDL, and SSIS loading packages to create a normalized SQL data warehouse
  • Configuration options provide customization and dynamic character and word substitution
  • Export and Import "suitcase" files containing integration information
Data Export Specification Features
Quickly and easily create, test and revise data export specifications from U2 and other external data sources using a template-based approach.
  • Template-based export specification design is easy to learn and use
  • Manage exports from multiple "related files" (e.g., comma files) with only one export
  • Use existing dictionaries, I-Descriptors, or reference attributes by position
  • Normalizes multi-value and sub-value data automatically
  • Integrated testing workbench expedites export design
    • Select sample number of records or specific item-ids to process
    • Displays all data after processing all conversion, formulas, substitutions, etc.
    • Option to display data in native format, showing all delimiters (i.e., multi-value, sub-value)
  • User-defined formulas for data export fields use BASIC syntax and commands
  • Many additional U2 data conversion extensions:
    • MultiValue, SubValue data extraction, conversion, and analysis
    • Date, time, and number formatting
    • String conversion, substitution, and manipulation
    • Data substitution, translation, and extraction
    • Data encryption and decryption
    • and more...
  • User comments for each export and each data export field
  • Multiple export formats (XML, Tab-delimited, fixed length, HTML, Pipe, ASCII, Tilde, CSV)
  • Ability to indicate if a filed should be indexed and generate the required SQL DDL
  • Ability to indicate which fields should be treated as case sensitive
  • Multiple Transport Protocols Available:
    • FTP, FTPS
    • HTTP Get, HTTP Post, HTTPS Get, HTTPS Post,
    • SMTP
    • OS File in Directory
    • RDBMS Data File
    • Socket
  • Save As feature to quickly create new export specifications from existing export specifications
  • Select filter provides ability to limit data processed
  • Supports using a different dictionary than primary data file (Using File)
  • Maintains runtime statistics for each export (export mode, elapsed time, number of rows, number of records, number of bytes)
SQL Accelerator Features
Quickly and easily create sophisticated, maintenance-free Integration Services (SSIS) packages to load a SQL Server database from U2 and/or other external data source. No SQL knowledge required.
  • Supports MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, and 2012
  • Integrated with Kourier Integrator Web Interface
  • Build SSIS packages while creating the Data Export Specification
  • Automatic creation of SQL DDL for all data exports
  • Creates maintenance-free SSIS packages
  • Creates maintenance-free DTS packages (stand-alone version only, for SQL 2000)
  • Quickly Generate all SSIS packages for an integration, selected data files, or a specific service
  • Generated packages use data export specification to determine primary keys, column name, types, etc.
  • Automatically run SSIS data loading packages immediately after data extraction
  • Option to define recurring schedule using SQL Server agent
  • Run interdependent SSIS packages asynchronously or synchronously
  • Packages support multiple SQL database update methods: Full Refresh, Net Change, Net Change with Deletes
  • Packages support SQL table names with Schema designations
  • Save packages to SQL Server repository or the file system
  • SQL database updates support Windows or SQL Server authentication
  • User editable package configuration files
  • Option to treat data truncation on character fields as an error when loading SQL tables
  • E-mail notification for import exceptions
  • Customize e-mail notification subject lines for easier exception management
  • Event notification thresholds prevent false positives when another instance of a package is running
  • Data Import and run time statistics recorded for each SSIS Package and SQL table processed
    • Number of rows imported
    • Number of errors
    • and more...
  • Configurable error thresholds
  • Detailed SSIS processing and error logs assist with error diagnosis
  • User-defined temporary file locations

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