The Fast Track to Better Colleague Reporting
Turnkey Operational Data Store Powered by Kourier Integrator and SQL Accelerator

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Integrate Colleague with Microsoft SQL Server

It opened up avenues to be able to use the data across campus in ways that, at the time, we didn’t envision."
-- Sam Howard, Director of Enterprise Software and Portal Systems, Wittenberg University

Ready to Unleash Your Ellucian Colleague Data?

With Kore's Turnkey Implementation Program you will have a complete Operational Data Store for Colleague (ODS) up and running in just a few weeks. You will be on the fast track to better Colleague reporting and business intelligence. 


Kore's ODS for Colleague has pre-defined data mappings for most commonly used Colleague files. Kore's Net Change technology will keep your data warehouse updated in near real-time, enabling you to create time sensitive reports and dashboards for your business critical data.


Kourier Integrator with SQL Accelerator is the fastest, easiest and most reliable technology for integrating your Colleague data with Microsoft SQL Server. Many colleges are already using Kourier Integrator and SQL Accelerator to build and maintain their Colleague SQL data warehouse for improved data access, easier reporting and better business intelligence. Contact us to find out more and get a private product demonstration.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Turnkey Implementation and Rapid ROI
  • Low Ongoing and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reliable Near Real-Time Updates from Colleague to SQL
  • Pre-Defined Colleague Operational Data Store (ODS)
  • Customizable and Extensible ODS
  • Supports Custom Colleague Files and Fields
  • Data Aggregation across Colleague “File Suites” (e.g., financial files)
  • Data Aggregation from Multiple Accounts and other Sources
  • Data Warehouse Quick Start Workbench
  • Uses Reliable Microsoft SSIS Technology
  • High Performance and Scalable
  • Fault Tolerant Design, Guaranteed Data Delivery
  • Easy to Track Errors with Transparent Auditing and Reconciliation
  • Excellent Customer Support and Service
For a Personal Colleague-to-SQL Product Demonstration See Kourier Integrator in Action!
Kore offers value and low total cost of ownership for their product. In today's economy, with the community college system cutting our budget, this was a real value for us.
- Ron Smith - IT Director, West Valley-Mission Community College District
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Colleague Operational Data Store (ODS)

Why use an ODS? Because you will have faster, easier access to your Colleague data when it's in a normalized Microsoft SQL Server data base. You will also have far more choices for your reporting and business intelligence software too, including: Entrinsik Informer, Qlik View, Cognos, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Reporting Services, Microsoft Excel and more.

Kore's Turnkey Operational Data Store (ODS) for Colleague provides the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to get started with data warehousing for your Ellucian Colleague system (UniData or MS SQL version). Included in the Colleague ODS are pre-configured data mappings for about 200 key Colleague files representing over 500 normalized SQL tables. The ODS can be used as the basis for developing custom reports and dashboards that can be the foundation for your enterprise business intelligence system.

Information for these areas is included from key Colleague files in the ODS:

  • Applications
  • AR Invoices
  • Budgets
  • Buildings
  • Credentials
  • Courses
  • Course Sections
  • Divisions
  • Financial Aid
  • General Ledger
  • Grades
  • Grants
  • Persons
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Student Academics
  • Wait List
  • and more...

The Colleague ODS is ready to use with Kore's Turnkey Implementation program and will have you up and running on your Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse in just a few weeks. Plus the ODS is customizable and extensible to meet your growing needs.

Your Colleague ODS is always up-to-date because Kore's Net Change technology constantly monitors the Colleague database for any changes, and then performs optimized, near real-time updates to the Microsoft SQL Server database using Microsoft SSIS technology.

The result: high performance and scalability with guaranteed data delivery.

Contact Kore for a Colleague-to-SQL Product Demonstration or Call Us at 866.763.KORE