Kourier Integrator
Release 3.1 Features

Kourier Integrator Release 3.1 Overview

Release 3.1 of Kourier Integrator: U2 Edition focuses on "Increased Productivity" to make the product even easier to use with features that enable users to work more quickly and efficiently. The most significant features in this release are support for RESTful Web Services and the Developer Suitcase Utilities. In addition, many user requested product improvements and enhancements have been included.
  • RESTful Web Services expands on the already robust EAI capabilities of Kourier Integrator: U2 Edition by making it very easy to create, test, and deploy RESTful Web Services--without writing any code! Use these Web services to provide real-time access to the U2 database from another Web page, another program, a mobile application, or even called interactively.
  • The Developer Suitcase workbenches streamline and simplify the process of distributing ETL components between accounts and other servers. Components that are created on one system can be easily packed into a "suitcase", moved and then unpacked into another system. This capability is ideal for clients with separate development and production servers, multiple servers, or when managing multiple accounts on a single server.

New Features & Improvements Summary

RESTful Web Services

  • Provide real-time access to U2 database from almost anwhere
  • Create RESTful Web Services without any programming
  • Test the interface to ensure it's working correctly
  • Generate a URL that can be used to call the RESTful Web Service

Developer Suitcase Utilities

  • New Workbench interface to quickly select ETL components to pack or unpack to/from a suitcase
  • Select some or all ETL components of one or more integrations to pack into the suitcase
  • Unpack some or all components of a suitcase to a new account

New Connection Manager

  • New user interface simplifies setup and maintenance of database connections
  • Quickly view and select all available connections for one or all servers

Net Change Processing

  • Provide compatibility with U2 triggers and transactions to work better with 3rd party applications
  • New Utility to adjust log files in order to maintain 2 GB maximum file size

SQL Accelerator / SSIS Package Improvements

  • Option to treat data truncation on character fields as an error when loading SQL tables
  • Improved performance when processing Net Changes with deletes
  • Customize exception e-mail subject lines for better error management using new SMTPSubjectPrefix property
  • Define temporary files locations via a new BufferTempStoragePath property
  • Provide adminstrative scripts that can be scheduled to purge SSIS log files
  • Added an Event Notification Threshold option to prevent false positives when another instance of a packge is running

Export Specifications

  • Support entry of user comments, view comment excerpt on export listings
  • Export fields include a flag to indicate if it should be indexed
  • Export Fields include a flag to indicate if it should be treated as case sensitive
  • Improved Testing workbench export results when viewing raw MultiValue data
  • New conversion code for converting milliseconds into hh:mm:ss.nnn
  • New conversion code to encrypt/decrypt the data in an export field
  • Improved DDL generation to prevent accidental table deletion

Data Warehouse Quick Start Workbench

  • Added the ability to delete analyzed files after they have been processed
  • Confirm schema name on the check-in dialog

Other General Improvements

  • Added a new Schedule Information display column to the Schedule listing page
  • For a Service, added ability to view performance and data volume statistics for associated files
  • Added export name and data file to event log for more meaningful progress messages
  • Open e-mail template from the associated event notification
  • Web User Interface supports 64-bit mode on IIs and Windows Server 2008
  • Improved the Export Statistics listing to show the filename and sequence number
  • Added "File Delivered Date" field to the Export Statistics listing and other associated pages
  • Implemented new checkbox Select/Select All metaphor on various pages
  • New utilities for managing temporary and system files

Additional Information

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