Kourier Integrator
Release 4 Features

Kourier Integrator Release 4 Overview

Release 4 of Kourier Integrator focuses on "Increased Connectivity" to expand the ability to connect with the multiple data sources that are typically used in companies today. The two major enhancements are:
  • Multi-Source Capability provides seamless integration and consolidation of information from U2 and/or other data sources (e.g., Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, and text files) into a Microsoft SQL Server database. This gives companies the ability to manage data from their islands of automation using a single ETL/EAI solution.
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Integration Services (SSIS) is available for companies that want to leverage the latest database technology from Microsoft, and take advantage of the increased SQL performance that will help them move large amounts of data quickly.

New Features & Improvements Summary


Improved Performance

  • Increased performance for Kourier Exports and Services
  • Actual performance improvements vary based on system tuning, hardware, and operating system
    • Up to 20% increase in overall performance for UniData systems
    • Up to 30% increase in overall performance for UniVerse systems

Multi-Source Capability

  • Define external data source connections with initial support for:
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • Microsoft Access
    • Text files
  • Unique Export Specification pages developed specifically or each export type:
    • U2 -> File
    • U2 -> SQL Server
    • ODBC -> SQL Server
    • File -> SQL Server
  • Load data from external sources into Microsoft SQL Server
  • Supports Net Change processing for external data sources, including deletes
  • Lookup data column names for external data sources while building Export Specifications
  • Improved the user interface for the export "Test" option

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / SSIS Improvements

  • Native support for loading MS SQL Server 2012 database
  • Integration Service (SSIS) packages execute on Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Support loading data from external sources into Microsoft SQL Server

Improved RESTful Web Services Interface (RESTful 2.0)

  • New RESTful Web Interface specification page for building RESTful Web services
  • Integrated testing and URL generation capabilities within the same page
  • Ability to define Dynamic Named Parameters to use when calling RESTful web service

Other General Improvements

  • Added the ability to invoke a Kourier Service or Kourier Schedule via a Web service.
  • Added the ability to terminate a Kourier Service or Kourier Schedule from their respective pages
  • Added support for SSH (Secure Shell) protocol to transport files from UNIX to Windows
  • Added the ability to view the performance and data volume statistics at the Service level
  • Added the ability to "drill down" from Service level statistics to the related Export statistics
  • Improved the user interface for the "Run" option for a Service
  • Added the ability to view the performance and data volume statistics at the Schedule level
  • Redesigned the Database Connection listing to display all connections on one page
  • Improved Net Change administration utilities to provide more information regarding file sizes
  • Allow Net Change files to be resized while there are active application users (UniVerse/UNIX only)
  • Improved Kourier Service Manager to schedule background processes more effectively

Additional Information

  • Click here For a comprehensive Product Feature list.

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