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How MultiValue Applications Need To Evolve in Today's Integrated Environment

February 10th, 2016 | In the News: MultiValue, Integration

DBTA's Special Report Asks MultiValue Vendors to Weigh In on How to Keep Mission-Critical MV Applications Relevant in Today's World.


This DBTA special report on MultiValue industry discusses how mission-critical MV applications can evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of the organizations they serve in the era of integrated applications.

DBTA asked Keith Lambert (vice-president, marketing and business development) to share his thoughts on the current pressures their customers are facing, and how Kore is helping them to extend and leverage their critical MultiValue systems to meet these new requirements.
MultiValue applications will continue to thrive in 2016. However, MV applications must evolve and adapt or fade away.
- Keith Lambert, Kore Technologies