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DBTA Talks with Kore About Upcoming Kourier Integrator Release 4.4

April 26th, 2017 | In the News: Kourier Integrator, RESTful Web Services, API Subscriptions, Swagger Documentation

New REST API Subscription Feature to Improve Real-time Integration Capabilities


DBTA talked with Kore's Mark Dobransky (co-founder and managing partner) and Keith Lambert (VP, marketing and business development) to chat about what's new in the upcoming Release 4.4 of Kourier Integrator and why the new features are important.

Two key additions to this release are the introduction of API Subscriptions and the ability to automatically generate API documentation in Swagger format.


The API Subscription capability will give API consumers the ability to subscribe to published REST APIs. This will automatically notify subscribers of changes or deletes to specific data sets from the source application as they occur. It's implemented via the Webhooks paradigm and is much more efficient than the "polling" techniques used previously, which would repeatedly ask the source application if there were any data changes. The subscription capability expands the API developer’s toolkit, giving them another way to communicate in real-time with other applications, complementing the existing ability to read or write MultiValue data in real-time.


Developers will also be able to produce API documentation in Swagger format, which is an emerging standard for REST documentation. This capability is integrated into the API development process and not only improves the quality and productivity of building documentation, it will make it much easier for API consumers to use the published APIs.


Release 4.4 is in Beta now and planned to be generally available in June. Read the full article below to learn more.

We are making it easier for API consumers to interact with legacy U2 systems.
- Mark Dobransky, Kore Technologies