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PYMNTS.com Interview & Podcast - Consolidating the Giant B2B Data Universe

May 12th, 2015 | In the News: eCommerce, B2B, Best Practices, Content Management

Kore Discusses the Future of Data Management with PYMNTS.COM


PYMNTS.com sat down with Kore's Ken Dickinson and Keith Lambert to discuss the current state of B2B data management and the industries they serve.

In this exclusive podcast, Dickinson and Lambert identify their clients' key needs such as, recognizing customer buying habits, managing product data, publishing web content and improving reporting analytics with integration. They also describe how their technology (Kourier Integrator and KommerceServer) is used to boost day-to-day operations and predict what's next for brick-and-mortar businesses.
There needs to be an omnichannel approach that supports both ways of buying depending on the mood, need or timing. We have a unique approach to the design of the software, the delivery and implementation of the whole solution.
- Keith Lambert, VP Marketing & Business Development