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Kourier Integrator Release 4.8.5 Extends RESTful Integration Capabilities

June 21, 2021 | Product Announcement: Kourier Integrator, Real-Time Application Integration, REST Connectors, Cloud Databases, Enterprise Data Warehousing 

MultiValue Integration with External Applications is Faster and Easier

Kore Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise integration and eCommerce solutions, announced today the general availability of Release 4.8.5 of its award-winning Kourier Integrator enterprise integration and data management suite. The primary focus for this release is to simplify the integration between MultiValue and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, cloud databases and other external products. Kourier's new REST-as-a-Client features enable bi-directional integration directly via an application's published REST API endpoints using Kore clicks-not-code metaphor. Also available in the new release are REST connectors for Salesforce.com and Repsly retail execution platform plus Cloud-based storage connectors for Amazon Simple Storage (S3) and Azure Blob Storage.

Integration to SaaS applications and Cloud databases is a key requirement for many clients and this release of Kourier makes it faster and easier to complete these projects.
- Keith Lambert, Kore Technologies

Key enhancements include:


  • New REST-as-Client Imports from external REST endpoints
  • New REST Connectors for Salesforce.com
  • New REST Connectors for Repsly retail execution system
  • New Cloud-based storage Connectors for Amazon Simple Storage (S3) and Azure Blob Storage
  • Increased performance of Kourier Net Change Tracking
  • and much more...

These latest improvements support Kourier's ongoing mission of being the fastest and most complete ETL and EAI solution for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server-based systems.


For more information about Kourier Integrator or to schedule a product demonstration, please contact a Kore representative at 866-763-KORE.