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Kourier Integrator Release 4.3 Now Available, Introduces Kourier REST Gateway

July 26th, 2016 | Press Release: Kourier Integrator, RESTful Web Services, Kourier REST Gateway, Enterprise Integration

New Release Simplifies the Development, Usability and Deployment of RESTful Web Services for Secure and Scalable Real-Time Integration 

Kore Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise integration and eCommerce software announced today in a press release the latest version of its award-winning enterprise integration and data management suite. Having successfully completed beta-testing over the last several months, Kourier Integrator Release 4.3 is now generally available.

The new release of Kourier Integrator simplifies the development and usability of RESTful Web Services and introduces the Kourier REST Gateway to provide secure data access to MultiValue applications from outside the corporate firewall.

The Kourier REST Gateway is a critical component of the real-time integration architecture. It's responsible for providing secure access to MultiValue applications from outside the firewall while it monitors, manages and measures REST Resource usage. Organizations deploying the REST Gateway can feel confident about offering access to their system from the outside world without worrying about a user consuming all of their system resources using Policies to limit (rate) the maximum number of requests per minute/hour/day for each Gateway user. An interactive dashboard offers visualization of REST API request trends and performance, giving administrators actionable data for making system adjustments.  
We’ve not only made it easier for organizations to create and deploy REST integrations for their applications, the APIs are developer-friendly too.
- Mark Dobransky, Kore Technologies

Kourier’s REST development framework has been enhanced to streamline and simplify how developers build real-time REST APIs. Developers will be more productive because they can focus on the application interface instead of low-level protocol details such as data validation, resource security and transaction logging. Creating REST Resources is done predominantly via configuration pages instead of programming. For more advanced requirements, developers can use Event Handlers to leverage existing application business logic or add special instructions at specific timing intervals. API consumers also benefit from using Kourier REST APIs because they are more developer-friendly. REST features such as pagination, field limiting, dynamic sorting and query wildcards can be utilized with no additional programming effort, reducing the time and cost required for application integration

Release 4.3 also includes significant improvements to Kourier’s support for additional data sources (e.g., Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL) with the new Quick Start Workbench and advanced data profiling system. Users can quickly create a near real-time Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse using the profiled data to generate export definitions and maintenance-free Microsoft SSIS packages.

For more information about Kourier Integrator or to schedule a product demonstration, please contact a Kore representative at 866-763-KORE.