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DBTA Interviews Kore on Announcement of Kourier Integrator Release 4.3

July 27th, 2016 | In the News: Kourier Integrator, RESTful Web Services, REST Gateway, Integration

Kore Releases Significant Update to its Signature Platform


DBTA talked with Kore's Mark Dobransky (co-founder and managing partner) and Keith Lambert (VP, marketing and business development) to get more details about the recent announcement of Kourier Integrator Release 4.3 and why it's significant.

Read the full article below for more comments from Mark and Keith regarding how this release improves several key areas of the solution and makes it easier to create, deploy, and use RESTful Web Services for real-time enterprise application integration.
 We’ve strengthened the overall offering of the REST real-time integration, and the Kourier REST Gateway is really the pinnacle of offering that real-time access to the outside world.
- Keith Lambert, Kore Technologies