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KommerceServer eCommerce Suite Release 5.4 Now Available

August 25th, 2015 | Press Release: KommerceServer, eCommerce, New Release

B2B and B2C Features Enhance User Experience and Improve Product Information Management


Kore Technologies announced today in a press release that Release 5.4 of its integrated platform KommerceServer eCommerce Suite is now available.

The new release of KommerceServer is up to 20 times faster when searching the product catalog and is designed to enhance the user experience and improve product information management.
Nearly all of our enhancements are customer-driven so the design is vetted to address real-world business scenarios.
- Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner


KommerceServer eCommerce Suite is an award-winning B2B and B2C eCommerce solution which includes a storefront, customer portal and mobile edition, and is engineered to integrate with any back office ERP system (e.g., Epicor Eclipse, Prelude, Infor LN and more). KommerceServer's product information management and content management systems integrate product data from multiple sources to simplify website creation and administration.
For more information about KommerceServer or to schedule a demonstration, please contact a Kore representative at 866-763-KORE.

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