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DBTA talks with Kore about Rocket's MultiValue University Event

October 28th, 2015 | In the News: Conference, Rocket Software, MultiValue, Kourier Integrator

Kore Discusses Their Experience at Rocket's MultiValue University


DBTA talked with Kore's Mark Dobransky (co-founder and managing Partner) and Keith Lambert (VP, marketing and business development) about their participation at Rocket's MultiValue University event held in Las Vegas, NV. earlier this month. In this exclusive article, Dobransky and Lambert discuss their experience and observations regarding Rocket's focus on mobility and the adoption of the Python programming language within the MultiValue environment.
Some vendors are 'tool guys,' while we are more end-user-based, although we are still tool-based. We make our data warehousing, REST, and other capabilities easy for customers to assimilate.
- Mark Dobransky, Co-Founder & Managing Partner