Increase Your Recurring Revenue by Partnering with Kore Tech

Kore’s Partner Program allows you to grow revenue by selling or recommending modular applications of its Unified Business Platform to organizations seeking to eliminate manual data tasks, increase online sales, or digitally transform their operations to drive growth and profitability.

A partnership with Kore is ideal for technology or marketing solutions firms that serve or can sell to organizations looking for:

  • An integrated eCommerce platform1
  • Sales tools to digitize their order, returns, and service management processes1
  • A robust data integration solutions2
Partners recurring
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Scale Your Growth and Clients with Kore

Partner Types

Software and technology firms are invited to contact Kore if they are interested in one of the following partnership types.



Introduce Kore to an organization you believe can benefit from Kore’s suite of technology solutions.



Become an extension of Kore’s sales team and sell Kore’s technology solutions in defined markets.



Help implement Kore solutions in clients’ environments on an ongoing basis.

ERP Integrator

ERP Integrator

Partner with Kore to scale your ERP integration services to new client accounts running on back-office systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Dynamics, and Epicor.

Value Added Reseller 1

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Help Kore handle the acquisition and support of clients.

Independent Software

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Whitelabel Kore Commerce or Kore Integrate platforms and sell as your own or embed one of Kore’s tools in your tech stack.

Partners Benefits


Beyond knowing that you are introducing organizations to a trusted suite of tools to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively, Kore’s partnership options provide a myriad of benefits for you.

  • Earn recurring commission fees yearly on net software sales for 3 years (for Referral, Reseller, and VAR partners)
  • Increase or establish recurring revenue in your business
  • Expand value-added services provided to existing and new customers through Kore’s Software
  • Align your company with mission-critical tools that are stable
  • Scale your geographic footprint and target industries

Become a Partner

Kore partners possess the expertise needed to help clients drive growth and profitability through our modular, integrated applications across Kore Integrate and Kore Commerce. Please consult the following steps to become a partner:

  1. Complete the Partner in-take form
  2. Meet with Kore’s management team
  3. Upon acceptance, sign a Partnership Agreement
  4. Attend training sessions

    Become Partner

    (1) Kore’s eCommerce solution is compatible with SAP Business One, Oracle Fusion, Epicor Prophet 21, and Rocket Software (“Rocket”)U2-based backend systems, including Epicor Eclipse, Prelude, Avante, and DataFlo ERPs. If you are an ERP integration vendor, partner with us to expand this list.

    (2) Kore’s data integration solution is designed for Rocket U2-based back-office systems, including Epicor Eclipse, Prelude, Avante, and DataFlo ERPs. Talk to us about using Kore’s data integration as a middleware tool for non-U2 systems.

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