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Kore Reflects on eCommerce and Eclipse User Group Conference Experience

September 23rd, 2015 | In the News: Conference, Eclipse Users Group, MultiValue, KommerceServer

Kore Spotlights KommerceServer Release 5.4 for Eclipse Users


DBTA sat down with Kore's Keith Lambert and Ken Dickinson to discuss the debut of KommerceServer eCommerce Suite Release 5.4 at the recent Eclipse Users Group (UFO) Encounter conference.

In this exclusive article, Lambert and Dickinson discuss the growing need for eCommerce among manufacturers and distributors. They also highlight how the new features of Release 5.4 can solve the eCommerce challenges many of the attendees are facing.
There's been a shift in peoples' attitudes toward an eCommerce website and their brick and mortar. They used to view it as more competitive; certainly the majority of people now see it as complementary.
- Ken Dickinson, Co-Founder & Managing Partner