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Kourier REST Gateway to Provide Secure, Real-time Access to MultiValue Applications

January 27th, 2016 | In the News: Kourier Integrator, REST, Integration

Kourier Integrator Release 4.3 and Kourier REST Gateway Coming Q2, 2016


DBTA talked with Kore's Mark Dobransky (co-founder and managing Partner) and Keith Lambert (VP, marketing and business development) about the next release of Kourier Integrator and one of the key additions to the product suite--the Kourier REST Gateway.

The REST Gateway provides secure, real-time access to MultiValue applications from outside the firewall using APIs that are built using Kourier's RESTful Web Services. API access will be managed by Gateway User policies in order to monitor and control the type of transactions and rating level permitted. Kourier Integrator Release 4.3 and the Kourier REST Gateway are planned to be available early in the 2nd quarter of 2016.
The approach to integrations is changing from batch file export/import to real-time queries and updates using RESTful Web Services.
- Keith Lambert, Kore Technologies